Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons!

Being summer time also means it is swimming time. So, we signed us up for some swimming lessons at the outdoor pool by our house. Last year it seemed silly to be swimming inside when it was 100+ degrees outside (hint:foreshadowing here). The last week of course has brought some absolutely gorgeous weather which actually allowed us to turn off our air conditioning (this has never been done before in the month of July). Although we have been enjoying the cooler temperatures very much, it hasn't made for great swimming weather in an unheated swimming pool. Poor daddy probably deserves some sort of medal for agreeing to get in the pool two day in a row when the temperature was below 80 degrees (74 degrees, 62 degrees).

We're hoping the weather cooperates a little better next week so we don't have shivery, blue lipped boys coming out of the pool each night!

William and Daddy waiting their turn by the pool

At this age, we're working on being comfortable in the water and some preswimming skills. Hence the toys.
A scientific investigation. Very serious business.

We had a huge downpour one of the evenings right before we were supposed to leave to swim dropping the temperature from 81 degrees to 62 degrees. Wonderful.

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