Saturday, May 29, 2010

Des Moines

With the kids getting older, we are finally feeling like we are able to pick up some of our old traveling ways. We haven't been to see some family in a long time! We hadn't been to visit John's brother Jim and his family since I was pregnant with William (August 2006). It was high time to fix that problem!

So, we packed the car and drove the seven hours to exotic Des Moines for our Memorial Day Weekend 2010!

When we got there, it was time to walk over and pick up Ben and Becca at school.
Mikey and William were fast friends
Then it was time for some playing in the sprinkler!
Amelia couldn't decide if she was a fan...What she really liked was watching the other kids.Preferably from a lawn chairThe kids also enjoyed painting the driveway. Or in Amelia's case, licking the driveway.
The next day we hit up the science center to blow some HUGE bubbles,
went fishing,Play with gears,
dry our hair,
Drive a digger (did you hear him scream when I physically removed him? 'Cause it was LOUD.),
built some rockets,
tested some rockets,
and played with our cousins.

One of William's favorite things is being part of a big group. He loved having all the extra people around to hold hands with, play with and laugh with. He totally ate up all the attention he got from the bigger kids! As you can see here, he's reaching for Uncle Jim's hand before walking further.The little boys
The bigger boys
William also loved the big kid toys around - he spent HOURS playing with the train sets! Not that Amelia was neglected! She loved the attention too! Here she is getting a piano lesson from Aunt Kendra!I am also a huge fan of the cousins! Becca read to William everywhere we went! He was super happy - except when we had to get out of the car! We also went to a local sculpture garden - with a riverwalk nearby. William enjoyed the water very much. Amelia was VERY crabby that we (I) didn't let her out of the stroller to play.The kiddosThe kiddos copying the sculpture's pose
And hugging Mikey!If you look carefully, you can see Amelia is being a stinker here. It's written all over her face. Becca rolled up behind Amelia for one of her hugs and Amelia thought it would be funny just to hug Mikey. She hugged him over and over and over again, delighting not only in the attention she was getting from Mikey, but the rise she was getting out of Becca by NOT hugging her. You think "Oh, she is just a little baby..." I've got news for you! She knows EXACTLY what she is doing!
This is the closest thing poor Becca got!
Until Ben took pity on her and joined in the huggingThen Amelia changed her mind!
Even Uncle Jim got in on the hugs - he had her GIGGLING like crazy! I think we might have some video to post? Not sure.William gave himself a little music lessonSo sweet! The cousins all holding hands (L-R: Becca, William, Mikey, Ben & Amelia)! We tried to put her in the middle, but William was not having it. He kept tripping her and pulling her down - turns out he wasn't happy about not being able to hold hands with Mikey.
William eating his ice cream and talking to Mikey. He was so excited about having an older kid to talk to (and LISTEN!), he didn't hardly eat a bite.
I could do an entire post about "How to eat ice cream" by William.
All the kids helped Uncle Jim wash his car
Don't mess with Amelia's sponge!
After some ice cream - it was time for more sprinkler fun. Amelia would rather play in a bucket full of water...There really isn't room for two....although, I suppose for a kiss...William loved watching the big kids run through the sprinkler and all their different jumpsUncle Jim wasn't about to miss out on the fun either! I think we have video of this also...hmmm...For dinner that night, Amelia had corn on the cob for the first time. YUMMY!
She LOVED it!
William insisted on having his own big cob...

As we expected, he wasn't exactly a fan - sorry Aunt Kendra!
William's elaborate train set up on the morning we were getting ready to leave

Thanks for hosting us Jim, Kendra and family! I know we are a lot of work - but we had so much FUN! Hopefully we'll work it out to do it again - a little sooner this time!