Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Routine

It is the same. Every time.

"Bah?" she ask with book in hand.

How can I resist? I put the work of the day aside to read to my baby.

I sit down cross legged on the floor. Any other way throws her off - she doesn't know where to sit. She will stand up and sit on any available body part, stand up and sit, stand up and sit finally turning to me in confusion. Cross legged it is.

She backs up with a tiny giggle in anticipation before plunking her diaper padded behind onto my lap.

Book clasped between her two hands, she kicks her right foot twice into the air before she is ready to begin. Always the right foot and almost always twice. She isn't to be rushed. Open the book before she is ready and the spell is broken. The book is tossed to one side, scolding babble is thrown my direction. She'll get up and turn her attention elsewhere.

She opens the book, snuggles her body into mine and finally is ready to read. Every moment in our lives isn't this precious. I'm working hard to hang on to the memories like these.

Just when I started wondering if I would struggle with getting this one to read, the interest is finally there.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I debated not telling you this...

because I am deeply afraid that this time next week a half sized tuba is going to show up on our front steps. With a dad in the music business and a cousin-in-law as a euphonium expert, you are not safe talking about tubas in this manner.

You see, William is in love with tubas. He would like to play a real one more than he would like just about anything (see? See why I didn't tell you this?).

It all started innocently enough with a birthday gift of a new book: Tubby the Tuba (with enclosed read a long CD!!). William (and therefore the rest of us) listen at least daily to the adventures of Tubby.

William has started playing his fuzzy yellow blanket as a tuba. When we sing to him at night he tells us to wait so he can get his tuba ready. He carefully wraps his fuzzy yellow blanket around his shoulders, and puts one corner in his mouth. When we start to sing, he plays along by humming along with our song.

Then it grew. Now when we leave the house to run errands, William asks if we can look for a tuba on the way. He used to ask if we could look for a dump truck, train or police car. You know, something possible. Now, we are continually disappointed by the lack of tubas driving around our town. Really, I'm not even sure what we are looking for. A tuba on wheels? A parade? A one man marching band? A tuba painted on the side of the truck?

Please note: I'm sure this is a phase. I'm sure we DO NOT NEED A TUBA at this time.

Morning with Daddy

For this blog post, John is writing.

Today I went outside to work on Kelly's Mother's Day present. I'm extending the terracing along the side of our house (the other side had been done for years). Kelly wanted to have the first terrace done for Mother's Day as she wants to try her hand at growing strawberries. Unlike the previous times I've worked on installing retaining wall stones, I now have a helper. William LOVES to help (especially me), whether it be bringing in the groceries, putting in a screw, using some sort of potentially dangerous power tool, or handing nasty chemicals. Of course, he is distraught when he can't help out (dangerous power tool, and nasty chemicals).

So he was outside with me along the side of the house helping me level and put in the retaining wall stones. Now, I'm a tad obsessive-compulsive and I like things to be exactly right. The process involves putting in a little gravel, pounding it down, installing the stone checking the level in multiple directions, adjusting the amount of gravel etc... William helps out by adding more rock to the pile, sometimes when I'm taking it out. He also enjoys getting his feet into the hole to help me pound it down, when I'm trying to use the tamper. I know he's trying to help, but sometimes I'm about to hit the ground with the tamper when he decides that we need a little more gravel and his hand goes underneath. Ack!

I try to think up things that he can do to help out, that aren't dangerous or involve him putting is arms, legs, or hands in danger, but sometimes I can't. Even trying to give him something else to do doesn't seem to work. I remember when my dad was working on building something out of wood, he would give me my own wooden block (had my name on it), a hammer, and a nail and I'd go to town putting the nail into the wood and pulling it back out. I remember doing that happily for hours. However, William seems to see through that and knows Daddy is where the real action can be found.

The retaining wall and the terrace did get done in time for Mother's Day. It took a little longer than it perhaps should have. I hope William feels like he helped me out. I had to keep telling him to stop putting rocks in the hole, and get his feet out.

Anyway, this all made me think. I used to love to help my dad when he was working on different projects, and help my mom out when she was making dinner. It made me think how helpful was I really? Maybe as I got older I became more helpful, I was, but when I was three? If I was as helpful as William is, I'm betting I was more of a nuisance than a help. Remembering and appreciating that time spent learning different skills at the side of my parents helps me find my patience with my own little helper!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grandpa Heidt

Grandpa Heidt came to town this weekend, and we had a lot of fun visiting with him. On Friday night we went and took the kids to Dairy Queen. The kids were not the only ones who enjoyed this treat.

Grandpa wrangling a more mobile, stubborn, and determined Amelia. And yes, we fed her ice cream. She would honestly rather explore/climb/run than do anything else.

William enjoying his chocolate ice cream cone. Believe me this kid can nurse a ice cream cone! He ends up with a soggy cone and melted ice cream goop.

On Saturday, we took a trip down to the Transportation Museum to look at some of William's favorite things. Trains, and cars. Unknown to us, was there was admission was free and there was a Mustang car show going on! William and Grandpa Heidt were thrilled!

William sitting in the cab of some train engine while Amelia looks on.

William, John, Grandpa Heidt, and Amelia waving to Kelly from the Mississippi River tug boat.

William working the controls of the Big Boy. He wanted to ring the bell, but John told him it wasn't working because it didn't ring when he tried pulling the cord. Later on, we heard some other kids ringing the bell. Oops! Maybe next time.

We also took a tour of some train cars. Eventually, we had to leave, which was too soon for William (and Grandpa).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Fun in the Pool

Some photos and videos from the pool during our Spring trip to Minnesota didn't get posted right away! Here's a look back:
William tentatively walks into the pool. As with everything lately, he threw a giant fit on the way down to the pool, refused to get in and then proceeded to have a great time swimming! He stood on these steps for a long time before I finally pulled him in against his wishes. He finished the day off by throwing another fit about having to get out of the pool. This boy is exhausted at night with all the fighting he does. When will he learn it is just easier to listen to your Mama? (Or Daddy?)

Grandpa, Amelia, Uncle Mike, and William playing in the pool.

Amelia and Grandpa playing with a ball.

Uncle Mike and William. William had a lot of fun playing with Uncle Mike in the pool. Mike was super patient and let William go at his own speed while still pushing him out of his comfort zone from time to time.

The smile here says it all!

Amelia and Mama in the pool. Amelia spent the greater part of her time in the water trying to either drink the water or lunging for the big ball when I wasn't paying attention. Whatever time she wasn't

William waits with Grandpa for the ball.

Kelly doing some of her physical therapy for her tendinopathy. Therapy required creativity on vacation! What dedication!

William jumping into the pool. If you can call this jumping.

Amelia jumps into the pool.

Do you see a difference? Our girl has no fear!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tooth #12

That last molar. Finally. At last.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had some beautiful weather on Easter this year! We had a quiet day here at home - somewhat unusual for us as we usually travel over the holidays. Staying home and without visitors made for a quiet day! The kids were up early. Most of the time this would be something we would moan and groan about, but today is was kind of a good thing.

Amelia is Excited! about Easter!

A little smile...

And she's DONE with the pictures

William's "cheese" face

The kids, togetherWilliam picked out the red socks. I didn't argue because I figured they would be inside his shoes...when he left the house.

The Easter bunny came to our house! Amelia was super happy unloading and reloading her basket.William reads his Bunny mail

Mia hunts for eggs - she was pretty good!

Mia's eggs were filled with Cheerios, goldfish crackers, and 1 had a marshmallow bunny inside it.

Two handed shove to get the marshmallow inside her mouth

William's yearly picture with the bunny ears. Both kids declined to have their picture taken with the bunny nose sunglasses I picked up this year. I've already put them away for next year - maybe next year I'll have a taker.

Mia with the bunny ears

The rest of the morning was crazy as John had to go and help make pancakes for the Easter breakfast. I arrived later with the kids and managed the enormous accomplishment of feeding both of them in public. I even ate too. Although, I should probably be honest and let you know there isn't any shortage of people willing to hold Amelia and catch William when he takes off on my at church. Great people at our church! We went to church as a family and then came home for some resting.

We had a lazy afternoon which included our first family picnic in our front yard. No one was very hungry for lunch, so we took out some fruit, cheese and crackers to snack on while we enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL weather. We played, we hung out together - it was a nice weekend.