Friday, February 26, 2010

Mama's Birthday

It was my birthday!
William helped Daddy make my favorite cake

You might be surprised to know there was plenty of frosting on the cake.

See? It was delicious. Chocolate cake with white frosting. Both from scratch. I love my husband!

I spent my big day at work * and then at the DMV**. Sometimes being a grown up is over rated. All I wanted was to have dinner with my family and get a cute, current picture of me with the kids. John made home made pizza crust (best! husband! ever!) and pulled together a very nice dinner here at home. The picture part wasn't as successful. But, we did try!
Cute picture of WilliamI don't know if this is flattering of any of us.

Cute picture of Mama and Mia
Getting some love from my favorite boy
And a cute, but blurry one of me and my girl


*I was specifically asked to substitute teach for a former coworker who is receiving treatment for breast cancer. She has chemotherapy once a week on Thursday and is unable to teach Fridays. She wanted someone in her room who was familiar with the building/subject area/etc. Working one day a week has really helped me see more clearly what I think my plan is in regard for going back to work full time. I'm really not ready to share that here, so y'all are going to have to wait. I'll just say this: Good LORD I love my former coworkers. And the eighth graders.

**We got a notice at the end of last year reminding me my driver's license was going to expire on my birthday. John helpfully put it in a very visible location on our refrigerator where I looked at it everyday. And completely forgot about it until the night before my birthday. At which point, I was overjoyed to realize I would be spending a good portion of my birthday with my favorite people down at the DMV. On the last Friday of the month.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Amelia had spaghetti for the first time recently. I think she liked it - what do you think?


We've been feeling a little crafty around here. Here is a set of tie T shirts I made for a brand new baby and his adorable big brother. Idea from here and here.
William's also been crafty and whipped up this love bug hat as part of the library story program. He is so proud (and so am I!)!

Oh Amelia

why did you go and grow? Some of your pretty spring clothes are too small and you can reach the top of the kitchen table. Milestones.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 year appointments

We met with our pediatrician last week for William's three year appointment. Thankfully, there weren't any shots this time as he still hasn't forgiven me for the flu shot he got 2 appointments ago (we were there with Amelia). The appointment was uneventful and in general things are going extremely well. One highlight was seeing how much he has grown since last year!

Three year vs Two Year
Height: 39 in vs 35.75 in
Weight: 35 lbs vs 29.5 lbs

So, he's been doing some growing! Three inches and a little over 5 pounds. He is at the top of the chart for height and surprisingly in the 75% for weight. The height doesn't come as much of a surprise because he is constantly being mistaken for a four or five year old at storytime. The weight was the big shock of the day. This boy doesn't have enough...well....let's just say his pants don't stay up very well. He looks normal enough with his clothes on, but when he is undressed, he is all skin and bones. He is like a stick figure with a big round head on the top. On bath nights I marvel at how he is able to walk at all with that big old noggin on top of his skinny, little body. But, he does. Anyhow, the doctor reassured me that he was completely normal and it was typical to see the ribs on kids his age. Totally normal.

Our other appointment recently was some three year pictures of William. Here are a few!

So angelic. Of course I didn't write on the walls Mama!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Two nights in a row, William has woken up with a dry diaper. Exciting times people, exciting times.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

First up is this:

Amelia will now give kisses when you ask for them (roughly 80% of the time). So sweet! Although you should be warned 100% of the time she kisses with an open mouth. And tongue.

Kiss! I have a feeling this is going to be a picture we are going to look back on and wonder how we were ever that young.
Daddy and his Valentine's ready for church (well, 2 of his Valentines)
Another try
Amelia in her BEAUTIFUL pink, velvet dress (thanks, Charlotte!) I so hope we get to wear this a few times before she outgrows it!
Pretty girl standing up - she is so close to walking (and has been since Thanksgivingish). I can't figure out what is slowing her down other than right now walking is slower than crawling. And speed is necessary for keeping up with a brother!
Happy Valentine's Day Mama!

The kids loving on each other after church
More kissing! Or at Amelia's trying for a kiss - you can tell by her WIDE open mouth! William is trying to hide from it.
William turn to give the kisses - he has the closed mouth thing down. Most of the time.

Hi everybody!

The best picture so far of Amelia's changing eyes - you'll have to look carefully!

What to cook up for your sweet Valentine's? Heart shaped, pink pancakes of course! Daddy is very talented, isn't he?