Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Month Old! Or the post with too many pictures!

Amelia was 4 weeks old on April 27th!

Amelia is 4 weeks old! And her blanket embroidered by a member of our congregation with her name, birthdate and birth sizes.

Amelia hanging out and looking out the window
For Grandma: archer's pose

A close up - still grumbling about the lack of light during William's nap time.
Pretty girl in white in the light
How sweet is she?
Very sweet, I t
But, she'll punch you if you aren't nice to her

Eyes shut, but a little smile for you all!

On April 30th, Amelia was 1 month old. Yay Amelia! Although it make Mama a little sad!
Of course we had to have a little photo shoot for the mama

Smiling girl - she is so smiley. Even at 10pm at night!
A little giggle...
Crazy lady hair
A more serious picture
It's too dark, but it is a precious smile
Kicking away
Smiling again!
I just love this smile!

On May 1st, Amelia had her well baby 1 month check up. We were nervous about this appointment largely because of the weigh in. We both felt like Amelia had been making some huge gains with her weight and eating - but would it be enough?

Yes it was! Amelia was:
Weight: 10lbs 3.25 oz (1 week before she was 9 lbs 2.8oz)*
Length: 23 inches (a gain of 2 inches in a month!)*
Head circumference: 39.5cm (a gain of 2 cm in a month)

So, the verdict is she is making huge gains in growth! Yay - I can't believe she gained over a pound in one week! Now I am not worrying about the timing of her feedings and best of all am not waking her to eat at night! Yay sleep! All her other milestones are on track and we will go back in another month.

*For those who are interested, Amelia is in the top 95% for height and in the 75% for weight (correct me if I am wrong Mr Heidt).

On May 2, I took Amelia to a real photographer to get some one month pictures taken. Although we've taken a lot of pictures of Amelia, we don't have nearly the number of pictures of her as we do of William. Plus, she is so pretty - I just had to get her pictures taken. Unfortunatetly, it was king of a pain to try and rotate the pictures, so you'll just have to turn your heads. Because I am lazy tonight. Sorry.

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

Amelia turned 3 weeks old on April 20th! As always, I didn't have time or energy for color correction, but I'm posting them anyways. Maybe someday when I have free time to devote to playing seriously with pictures again I will work on it.

I have not yet learned: it is easier to do pictures during nap time. I wanted to put Amelia's 3 week card on her back and take her picture. Amelia was very cooperative with this. William however was very unhappy that he didn't have anything on HIS back and insisted on laying on his belly..on the blanket of course.
Which made it very difficult to get the picture I had in mind!
I finally sent him off to find something for me and I was able to snag this picture. Not exactly what I wanted, but closer than...
this! After tiring of laying on his belly, William decided it would be more fun to sit on the blanket (in the light, grr!) and read a book to his baby sister. Everyone at once: ahhhhhh, how cute!
Sent the big boy on another errand and snapped a few more...

Obviously, more books were needed if I was going to keep trying to take her picture!
Amelia is oblivious to how hard I had to work to take her picture
Sleeping beauty

Ahh...William's naptime! Prime opportunity for taking pictures. But, as you can see the light is also gone. And, still sleeping!

My girl sure likes to sleep!

Note the outfit change. I can tell you the outfit change was totally necessary. I won't tell you about the details of the diaper that made it totally necessary.

Our beautiful baby girl

And the bouncy seat picture. Because someday I might get my act together enough to actually put together the comparison post that I have a brewin' in my head.

Family of Four

When people come and visit, we need to have them take our family picture. Several of our family members aren't patient enough to wait for camera timers currently! Luckily, we were able to get one of William (and us) smiling thanks to Grandpa Heidt!
Buttering up the big boy (read: bribing) to sit on the couch and smile
A family picture
A rare picture of Daddy multitasking. Holding baby and petting cat- nice work!