Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Year Appointment

On Thursday, we had our 1 year appointment with our doctor. For the first time, William walked his way back to our appointment room! Here is the updated information on him along with the comparison from earlier visits:

Birth: 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches long
1 Month: 10lbs 12oz, 22.25 inches long
2 Months: 15lbs 12oz, 26 inches long
4 Months: 18lbs 12oz, 27 inches long
6 Months:20lbs 12oz, 28.5 inches long
9 Months:22lbs 4oz, 30 inches long
12Months: 23 lbs 2oz, 32.5 inches long

It is a little crazy to think he has grown 2.5 inches in the last 3 months and gained less than a pound. William is still at the top of the chart for height and between the 50% and 75% for weight. His head circumference is around the 75% (48cm). What I can't believe is that there are kids out there with bigger noggins than William's. His head is crazy huge in that any hat less than 24 month size won't fit. I'm a little mad that he outgrew his winter hat already (size 12-24 month) before winter is over. John made this graph thing with the growth curve on it. If he ever has a minute, I'll ask to him post it and explain it.

The rest of the appointment went well. We were glad that his ears/nose were still clear as whatever was wrong last weekend is probably over. The doctor watched him play and lots of questions regarding his development. She was impressed with his walking/motor skills and his vocabulary (no no, meow, night night, all done, mama, dada, ball, bye bye plus a few others). Overall, she felt he is developmentally way ahead of where he needs to be and he is "one smart baby" (as he tried to push toys in the crack under the door). We also got advice on weaning him and what he should/shouldn't be eating (strawberries=okay, nuts/peanut butter=not okay until 2 years). We didn't get stellar advice about our bathing concerns, but we'll keep working on getting him back to liking his tub time. We also got 4 shots and a hemoglobin test run, so when we left, William was not a happy camper. The drive home was a little wild as it had been snowing all day. People around here cannot handle driving in the snow. Although it really isn't their fault as it doesn't snow often enough for them to learn. By Friday morning, it was enough snow that John got the day off! Yeah! Some new pictures are below. Enjoy!

Helping Daddy put together the jogging stroller

Here, let me show you how to use that...

Here we go, you just need to...

Hold it this way when you're using it...

I wonder what else needs to be fixed around here?

Smile! We're going to the doctor today!

It is amazing how much harder I have to work now to get pictures of him. He is constantly in motion!

His new bear overalls. They are so fuzzy and warm as they are made out of fleece. He is so comfy in them and looks cute too!

Seeing a LOT of this face lately...teething and not napping don't make for a happy baby.

Actually holding still...amazing isn't it?

Playing with dishes. He carried these around all evening from place to place. Tell me again why we buy toys?

Another new shirt...Friday was a crabby day. The mix of less sleep, shots on Thursday and teething makes for a short tempered baby. Luckily we got some snow (about 6 inches at our house) overnight and Boeing CLOSED the plant! Although, poor John had to drive to work to find out. So we had daddy backup here today to deal with the crabs. Worked out nice for us, even if it is crazy to shut down something as big as Boeing for just 6 inches of snow....

P.S. Our good friend Charlotte is going through a tough time. If you are the praying kind, please keep her family in your prayers. If not, please send happy thoughts, etc. Click here to read more about Charlotte.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is FUN to be ONE!

Well, here is the summary of the first birthday:

The day dawned earlier than we would have liked. William was up at 6:20 am, about one hour earlier than we like to see him. When he got up, it was very noticeable that he was still running a fever from the night before. We managed to get an underarm reading of 101.4 and 101.6 from him (which translates to 102.4 and 102.6 as you add a degree to all underarm readings). Any type of temperature readings are difficult on a baby that doesn't sit still for the 9 seconds required for an accurate temperature reading. For breakfast, William had one of Mama's favorite foods for the first time: french toast! It was so yummy, even if he wasn't feeling great. Above is the new make ahead french toast recipe we tried out. It was yummy - if you want the recipe, you'll need to email Grandma Kim.

All done! One of William's newest words/signs! Here is the birthday boy wiping himself down after sticky french toast (or, throwing the washcloth on the ground).

Daddy modeling William's birthday crown: It's fun to be ONE!

Trying to get a picture of William's cute 1st birthday outfit. I don't think I got one I love....

The birthday boy!

It was tough not feeling good. This is what he did most of the time when he was put down on the ground.

This is all he really wanted to do. Cuddle with anyone. Here with Grandma.

Wearing the "It's fun to be ONE crown".

His super cute outfit also came with a super cute knit hat. This is the only time he left it on for more than a few seconds - to give Grandpa kisses through the sliding glass door.

Mmmmmm....with daddy

What is a party without games? This clown was drawn for one of the McGarry kids' birthday parties by Great Grandpa Tom. William was so excited to play this game with his friends and cousins at his party. William got to watch all of his cousins and friends put their noses on first so he would know what to do. Please note: William decided to put his nose on the chair right in front of him (it is red in his hand).

William's birthday cake. I got a little crazy and decided I wanted his cake to be homemade (from a box homemade) for his first birthday. It sure wasn't pretty, but it tasted good!

Everyone else's cake and Daddy's favorite kind of cake (and Mama's least favorite!)!

William checking his cake out. I was shocked that he didn't dive right in and make a mess.

Checking out the frosting...

If you're going to enlarge any of these, pick this one. It's worth it for his expression.

He seemed a little confused with what to do next, so I cut a little piece off the cake for his to play with. He liked that better as shown above.

Watching his cousins....

The cousins...

All done!

After the cake, William was pretty drained and fussy. It was past his naptime and he was falling apart fast. We decided to let the birthday boy go ahead and get a little nap in. I was worried some of our guests needed to get going with some reports of a little snowfall, so we went ahead and opened up his presents. I'm sad he didn't get to do it himself for his birthday, but there will always be next year. He sure did get spoiled! Thank you to everyone who came! We had a lot of fun!

Later in the evening, we realized we didn't take any pictures of our family together. So at 8:46pm, we took a birthday shot at the exact time he was born.

I love this face.

Our family!

The next morning, William still had a fever when he woke up. We decided before we drove home, we wanted to get him checked out. I didn't want to regret not being seen halfway through Iowa where there really isn't even a place to get gas, not to mention any type of medical facility. So, we spent part of the morning at the Urgent Care Clinic where William checked out as having a fever but nothing else noticeable. We came home for a nap and then William got to open his present from Grandpa and Grandma: A CAR! He was totally in love, although the car had to be put away for a little while as he figured out how to tip it over on himself that same evening. He only gets to use it right now with some pretty close supervision.

PS Monday morning William woke up without a fever. We're starting to get back on track, I hope!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Sneaking a Snack this morning

Brrr! It's cold!

364 days old today. Hard to believe tomorrow is the big day. We're busy trying to pull it all together. It snowed here (in MN) today, so Grandpa got out the sled to give William a taste of the Minnesota winter. Fun stuff...

Looking at the flakes...


Down the driveway we go!

Without thumbs in your mittens, it is hard to hang on to anything!

Still fun, even if you're laying down. And yes, he is wearing socks over his shoes as he doesn't have any boots!

A big push from Grandpa

Daddy and Grandpa talking about pulling the sled back up the driveway

Monday, January 21, 2008

It wasn't funny then

One night last week, I was making dinner while William toddled around the kitchen. John was outside staining the shelves for our bookshelf. William made his way into the hallway from the kitchen, back to the kitchen, into the laundry room across the hall and back again. I was watching him, but not with eagle eyes as he wandered in and out of the different areas right around the kitchen. Sometimes he was empty handed and other times he had toys/tupperware lids/one of his socks/a 5 pound bag of potatoes in his hands. At some point, I heard some noise coming from outside and I distinctly remember thinking "I wonder what is going on outside? Who is making all that noise?"

A few seconds later John came into the house via the laundry room door stomping and yelling "What are you doing?"

It was right then I noticed William sitting quietly on the floor in the hallway with my keychain in his sweetly dimpled hands. I grabbed the keys and ran to the garage where I tried to remember what to push to turn the alarm off. As I pressed buttons the alarm continued to sound. Figuring the garage door being shut wasn't helping matters, I opened the door. This revealed the problem. Both cars parked in the driveway were sounding their alarms. Somehow, William had managed to set both of them off in record time....sure wasn't funny then. Kind of is now, except he set mine off today again while John was in the garage again.

Proving that it isn't all fun and games with car alarms around here. Actual progress on our bookshelf. There are shelves installed! Just waiting on some doors for the lower portion and some crown molding to install and it will be done!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All in a Day's Work

One thing on our project list since this summer was to find a way to guard our fireplace corners better. We weren't happy with the choices we found in the stores and resolved to build something of our own. Then we got a little busy with everything else going on and it just hasn't gotten done. Until today. John started banging around in the basement after a late lunch and we finished before 10:30 this evening. Not bad for just one days work. I think it even looks pretty good (if you don't look too closely). The true test will come tomorrow when the childproofing expert will have access to our work. Then we'll see how things go. Pictures below! Goodnight.