Sunday, July 25, 2010

A conversation

The other day, I sat down to play duplos (interlocking blocks) with William.

Me: I am going to make a stack just using the blue [duplo] blocks (thinks to herself: look! counting, sorting, cooperative play. Mother of the Year Material here!)

William: I will make my stack out of the white blocks...short discussion ensues regarding the stacking method, etc.

Me: How many blocks are in my tower? (Smug. I am awesome at this parenting stuff.)

William: I made a ishinging stick!

Me: (What are you talking about? Must redirect.) How many blocks are in your tower?

William: I will turn you into something with my special ishinging stick!

Me: (Seriously, what are you talking about?) What are you going to do?

William: I will turn you into a beautiful OVEN with my special ishing* stick!! Are you ready?

Me: (Now I finally understand WHAT he is saying. But, what does one reply to something like this?) An oven?

W: YES! A beautiful OVEN! It will be FUN!

Me: (Imagining what pretend play potential there is with an oven. Not finding much there.) Really? An oven? Can I make cookie for you?

W: No. You will just sit and open the door on your belly.

Me: (Where did this go wrong? And how do I end this? Soon. Distraction. I will distract him.) I wonder what Daddy is doing now?


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