Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Months Old!

Amelia Ann, you are growing so fast! In the blink of an eye, you've gone from an infant content to watch the world go by to a real little person who is participating and interacting in almost all the activities we are involved in.

You are still our sweet baby girl and your giggles, smile and chatter fill our days with happiness. You are progressing with you babbling with alarming speed (I still have to look up when William started all this to know if you are ahead or behind him - I suspect you are ahead). You are using increasing numbers of non vowel sounds. So far you say "naaa-naaa" "da da da da" and "ba ba". I know they aren't connected to any meaning yet, but it is still so fun to hear you babbling away (still working on getting video of this one).
In the last month you become so mobile! You've gone from rolling here and there from time to time to a rolling, scooting, crawling machine. Every waking moment and plenty of time in your crib has been spent practicing, practicing, practicing your crawling. At this point, you are doing some rolling to get around and more scooting on your belly (or army style crawling). In the last week, you've managed to pull yourself to your hands and knees several times. But, when you get to the hands and knees, you aren't quite sure what to do with yourself. The baby pushup is another exercise you practice at least 45 times a day. Because of all this activity, I'd even go as far to say you have been a real pain to live with because practicing is all you want to do. Just because you are tired, it is quiet and you are in your crib does not mean that you want (or should) to sleep. In fact, this suggestion on my part has been met by a great deal of unhappiness from you lately. Lucky for me, the overnight sleeping hasn't been a problem, it is just the daily napping you can't be bothered with. Unfortunately, without a nap you aren't the happiest of campers, so our day has been filled with some...crabbiness on all parts. It also means we've had to let you do a little fussing in your crib until you are ready to sleep. So far, Mama will still rescues you when the all out crying begins, but those days might be numbered if the current trend continues.
In the last two weeks, I've been noticing you copying my facial expressions when I least expect it. This isn't something your brother did (although, the books said he was supposed to). If I stick out my tongue, you stick out your tongue. If I laugh, you laugh. When I chew candy, you make smacking noises with your lips and tongue. You study our expressions and are enthralled by faces. This makes you easy to entertain while waiting...just about anywhere. Now that I think about it, it probably means I am easy to entertain as well because I could make faces at you all day.

Which brings me to think about how much of an individual you already are. You are so different from your brother in personality and your interests, which just astounds me. Five months in, you already have enough personality and likes that I can tell you are going to be a different kid than your brother. This in itself isn't surprising to me- I knew you were going to be your own person. What surprises me is how quickly it is becoming apparent. You love toys with faces. William didn't ever play with his animals or dolls. You on the other hand could easily spend an hour rolling around on the floor talking and playing with one doll or animal. You focus on their faces and poke at their eyes. You bite on their noses and chew on their hands. You tell long elaborate stories while wrestling around with them on the floor. Another way you are different is you love to snuggle. In the morning, I bring you in our bed and I feed you. Then we snuggle and sleep a little longer. You are so happy to be snuggled in next to me that sometimes I wonder if you wake up early just to have some extra time snuggled in by my side. I have to admit that I don't mind - I like the snuggle time also.

Although different, you still have a lot in common. You absolutely adore your brother. You look at him with such love and adoration that I hold my breath. Because, someday soon he is going to break your heart and hurt your feelings. You love his trucks and cars, a fact he does not love. You'll work extra hard to propel yourself with great speed towards his vehicles when he isn't looking. You also have that same stubborn (determined?) streak your brother has. You. are. learning. to. crawl. and nobody better get in your way. You will practice, practice, practice until you learn how to do something. Even when you get frustrated, you don't give up. You just keep going, going, going. And, just like your big brother, you are growing like crazy. You've had another big growth spurt which means your 9 months clothes aren't fitting very well anymore. The one piece pajamas now need to be sized 12 month and your two piece outfits need to be 9-12 month. Your room is a disaster with all the clothes you've outgrown piled up in different places.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random other stuff

An assortment of other pictures from this summer....

Sleeping baby

I think we have hundreds of pictures of our kids sleeping

William's first smore of the summer at our friends' patio party

Amelia and her Godfather, Jeff. He is such a good sport - she was so crabby and he wanted her anyway! Still with a smile on his face here...

William playing in a box on our couch...I couldn't find him for several seconds and found him here. There is nothing like a few moments of quiet followed by the realization you can't find your two year old.

Friday, August 28, 2009

That's my Boy

I heard both Amelia and William on the monitors in our bedroom (yes, we still use a monitor with William because he wakes up in the night still from time to time and we can't hear him from our room. The kids' room are on the other side of the house from the master bedroom and it is possible we would not ever hear them crying.) a few days ago. Since no one was crying, I took a moment to enjoy the moment of luxurious solitary laziness. However, we had places to be so the moment didn't last long (and you've seen what Amelia can do to a crib). William tends to get upset when he hears me in Amelia's room, so I usually go in and get him up and take him into Amelia's room. She always does a little happy dance in her crib when she sees William.

I opened the door to William's room and he was still laying in his bed. As my eyes adjusted to his darkened room, I saw that he was looking at a book while laying on his bed. After several seconds, William popped his head up and said "Oh! Hi mama! I'm just reading to my cars!"

And sure enough, he had six cars all lined up on the bed facing the book he was reading to them.

We're in trouble...

this baby girl is mobile...and these pictures are from several weeks ago (2 maybe?) Time to rechildproof. I wasn't aware that we had unchild proofed, but turns out we've gotten a little soft!

Worn Out

William has finally stayed the same size long enough to wear something out...

It's a Rough life

Amelia pooped on me twice today. You'd think I would be getting better at this. Or at least better than she is at the pooping part.

And then I got run down by William on his trike today and have the bruises and scrapes to show for the collision.

I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa were here...well almost a month ago now. They came to help us with a BIG party we had at our house! The invitation said:

Come celebrate with us!
Kelly turned 30 years old! John turned 30 years old! William is 2! We have a new baby girl, Amelia! We've been married for eight years! We finished our basement!

This cooler entertained William for a LONG time. Longer than some of his toys have. Open the lid. Shut the lid. Open the lid, insert [whatever is laying around]. Open lid, take item out. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Kids reading books with Grandpa. I have some VERY funny video footage or them reading together, but it on my parent's camera. So, I'm waiting for them to send it. hint, hint.
Happy readers!

I don't have any other pictures because we were SO busy having fun the rest of the time!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sibling Sweetness

If you would have told me how much fun it is to have two kids, I would have done it 100 years ago. Why didn't you tell me?


Being a Mama means you aren't ever sure what you day is going to be like until you get up and get started.
Some messes are a given. No matter how many times I fix the rugs in the evenings, our cats always ...well, I'm not sure what they do. But, the rugs are always all over the place in the morning. Also a given is with my eyes half shut, I will trip over them at least twice a week.
Some messes are more of a ...surprise, if you will.

Officially crawling

Amelia got 2 shots and is officially crawling as of today!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We were a little slow getting out to take Amelia's first hike. Seems like we have been so busy, busy, busy lately. With no sign of us slowing down at all (I think we have plans for the next 3 weekends if not more), we had to take our opportunity this weekend and GO GO GO! The weather was wonderful, amazing and not at all like August is supposed to be in St Louis. It was in the upper 70's, lower 80's and PERFECT for a hike! So, hike we did!

This is one of our favorite hikes called the Lake Loop at Cuivre River State Park. For some reason, I always think this is a quick almost 3 mile loop. And every time we get there, I'm amazed that it is just over 4 miles long. But, it takes awhile to get there and we're already we always hike it. Which is what we did today!
Here we are outfitted for the trail! William in the backpack (note to self: must adjust to fit this new, bigger boy for next time). William was also trying out our newest hiking addition: the bug/rain/sun screen over the top of the backpack. Although the thing looked ridiculous, it actually saved William several pretty big head bonks along the way.
And, baby girl in the front pack carrier. Can you believe she used to fit inside me? Crazy, isn't it? Amelia rode like this for about .5 miles until I decided that walking sideways wasn't the most efficient way to hike 4 miles. Amelia is already so big that I couldn't see my feet, or the ground for that matter. We quickly fixed that situation by turning the front pack into a backpack a little way into the hike and it was MUCH safer for both of the girls (and quicker, too).
Pretty orange flower along the trail.
The view up ahead: the boys! We let them go first to take down all the spider webs across the trail! There were a lot of them!

A family portrait ... Amelia's hat is crooked (and doesn't match her outfit *GASP*), William is hidden behind the shade, and the rest of us... well are looking kind of funny, but this was the best shot.

The hike was wonderful - just what we needed. Until about half way through William got hungry. Being two and a half, he isn't able to just say "Hey guys, I'm hungry! Can you get me something to eat?" Nope, he whines and complains until you think your ears are bleeding. I'm surprised John's ears are still functional after the last 40 minutes of complaining and crying. Once we got him out of the backpack and put a granola bar into his hand, he was one happy camper again. So, note to self: get the snacks out of the backpack. It is worth it for your husband's sanity.

After hiking, we picked up some lunch and then drove down to the Festival of the Little Hills. Which is kind of like a giant outdoor craft fair as far as I can tell. So, I was in heaven with the aroma of funnel cakes and promise of hand made, one of a kind goods.

To finish out the weekend, we grilled and cooked up some corn on the cob. Like I said, it was perfect.

Amelia's First Hike!

...was 8/22/09! Got to write it down since I've given up hope on the baby book ever being completed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It all about the cars

Piece One:
John coming from home is always a big deal around here. We dance, we clap, we cheer and no one more than William (most days).

Piece Two:
William is madly, deeply in love with all modes of transportation. Cars, buses, trains, trucks, airplanes, etc, etc, etc.

Piece Three:
William loves to be a helper most of the time. He loves to have real jobs to do and be acknowledged for the work he does.

The story:
John came home from work on Friday and William ran to the door to greet him, jumping up and down. John asked William if he would open the closet door so John could put away his shoes. William ran to the closet, ran back to John and took the shoes. He put them away on the shelf in the closet and turned to John "Is that a good parking spot for your shoes Daddy?"

Of course it is sweetie :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Can you do this?

No one is really sure what the book did to Amelia to get her going. We think she was trying to get it to open?