Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot NEW Item

Maybe you've heard that William loves to read. More specifically, have someone read to him. Just about any time an adult is sits down in our house for more than 38 seconds (theory tested today), William will appear with a book in his hand and plop themselves in their lap. Even if he has never met them before. If he had his way, I have no doubt that he would sit and read just about anything for an entire day (theory as of yet untested). While this love is something I want to cultivate and nurture, there are just only so many times a day I can read "Bob's Pizza", "Blue's Birthday Party", or "Tonka Trucks:Super Machines" before I become mentally unstable. So, it is a delicate balance. However, last week when William was sick we (re)discovered a miraculous new invention: BOOKS ON TAPE (or CD) from the library. MIRACLE!! AMAZING!!! What will they think of next? Better yet, WHY oh WHY didn't I think of this sooner*?

William can listen to that Thomas the Train book over and over and over and over and over and over again as much as he wants and I don't have to be the one reading it every.single.time. Words fail me on this momentous occasion.

*Disclaimer: Why yes, I will still read to William. Probably a LOT. He likes to read, I L-O-V-E to read. But, now I have a whole new tool to use when I just.can'

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