Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Ready

We had a pretty good weekend. We spent some time outside and on Saturday John went in to work to make up for us being out of town next week. On Saturday, William's baby book finally arrived in the mail. I spent my free time Saturday and Sunday working on filling in William's baby book. Sunday we got to church and then went out to the Roadhouse for dinner. William entertained us at the roadhouse by shaking his rattle and dropping it on the floor (yuck).

We're spending tonight getting ready for our trip home on Wednesday or Thursday. We're excited to see everyone!

Rolling onto his side and playing with his rattle

Hey! This isn't a real phone...

Hanging out with the lizard in the exersaucer

Friday, April 27, 2007

I have a headache-blech

I have a headache. I think I am going to go to bed now. We had a very nice day We got up this morning and played together before going over to Mary, Sunny, and Lydia's house to play. William was a very good boy and really liked watching 1 year old Lydia run around and play. Lydia was VERY good at sharing her toys with William and even sent us home with a toy called jumperoo! It is super fun! We took pictures - I'll add them tomorrow morning. This evening we made a Target run and watched a movie together. All in all in was a very nice day (not counting this head ache).


the heidts

Jumperoo - thanks Lydia

Mudd helping with laundry

Such a good helper!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 Months Old!

Can you believe our baby is 3 months old? We can't believe it either! Enjoy our pictures of our guy from today!

Not all the pictures come out the way I was hoping for!

Waving around his sign...

Eating his hand

Rolling over...

Moving the sign around.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Day in the Life of William

Some people have asked me what I do all day while I am at home. Other people just want to know what William does during the day. So, here is a summary of what we did today, with pictures included.

8:00ish am - William wakes up and hangs out. I can hear him babbling away and moving around in his crib
8:30am - William starts fussing and I go get him to feed him. Ordinarily, he is sleeping in his room in the crib. But, last night we had very strong thunderstorms predicted with possible "scattered tornados" according to our weather man (honest, he said they would be scattered). For some reason, I needed him to be closer to me if the sirens were going to go off, so he slept in our closet in the pack n play. Somehow, he ended up sideways this morning. I have NO idea when this happened! I do know he started out with his head ON the burp cloth.

Sometime during the feeding or right after (after today), we usually change that diaper that has been on him all night! We love those Pampers because they keep him dry from 10pm - 8am! Here is Mr. Smiley after changing his diaper this morning.

After William is changed and fed, he sits in his bouncy chair while I eat breakfast. Usually, he plays and "talks" with his toys clipped to the top of the chair - today was no different!

After breakfast is mommy time. Every morning, we spend some time playing, talking, singing, kissing, and whatever else sounds good. I didn't take any pictures because during that half hour because the only rule is that it is all about William (no laundry, no dishes, no phone calls, etc). Today we sang songs, snuggled and talked to each other. I love mommy time. After mommy time, we worked on some tummy time and some reaching for things directly above his head. Here he is working on reaching.

Sometime during the end of playtime, William starts to get fussy. This morning it was about 9:45. So, that means it is almost nap time. We usually try to change the positions or activity when he starts getting fussy - but when he stays fussy, it is time for a sleep. Here is my guy going down for his nap! He does a great job - I put him down and he sucks on his fingers until he falls asleep! It usually only takes 5-10 minutes for that to happen.

William usually sleeps for 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the day. While he is sleeping, I try and tackle one area of the house and tidy up. Then, I try and take some time for myself for the rest of nap time.

Well, now you might start noticing a pattern. When William wakes up again, it is time to eat. Today, William work up right around 11am for a snack. He eats and then plays for awhile. Usually after William eats and gets a diaper change, we get ready and go out for a walk in the neighborhood. Today, when we got out to walk, it started to sprinkle. So, we went to Target instead to return some stuff and look at high chairs.

On the way home, William decided it was nap time again. When we got home, I took advantage of the nap time and got a little yard work done while he napped in hearing distance in the car.

William woke up about 2 and it was time to eat again. We had a little messy spit up problem and required not only a diaper but outfit change.

After a little play time, we went for a short walk in the neighborhood. For a short walk, we tried out the stroller without the carseat. William like it to much, he fell asleep sitting up - a first for us. It was so cute!

When we got home, the best part of our day: Daddy was home! We usually all hang out for a little while before we get started on dinner. Another outfit change - gotta love the spit up. Tonight, John made dinner while I fed William. Then we played for awhile together and watched a little TV.

After eating again at 7:45, it was time to get ready for a bath. Bath time is always lots of fun - William likes being the water and being naked even more. We'll eat again between 9:45 and 10:15 and then it is bedtime. Then we'll start it all over again tomorrow!

until tomorrow - goodnight,

the heidts

3 Month Pictures - available online

If you would like to see William's 3 month portraits online, click here.
The customer name is my first and last name.
I did order prints already and will be bringing them home with me when we are home next.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Parents as Teachers Visit

Today was the visit from our Parents as Teachers representative. We have been looking forward to this to get some feedback on William's progress. I worked to try and have William dry, fed, and awake when she arrived. That didn't totally work, but the visit itself went very well! The teacher was very impressed with William's development, size, and cuteness. He was a very good boy and had a lot to say during the visit. She gave us some suggestions for working on some different stuff. The visit lasted about an hour and then I called John to give a report. William crashed almost right after she left and slept for almost 2 hours. Wow! All in all, we had a great day.

Sucking my thumb and hanging out

Stare contest with Ducky friend

One thing the teacher noticed is that William wasn't grabbing things directly above him. I couldn't remember for sure if he was doing that very much, so she suggested working on it with him. Guess it isn't a problem as demonstrated above :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Only my Pinky fits in his nose...

William has boogers. Lots of them lately. They drive me crazy because they make funny noises as he breathes in and out or actually halfway come out of his nose as he breathes. It is quite the challenge to get them out of his nose. The booger sucker thing from the hospital works okay - but it is hard to get it in his nose when he is trying to get it into his mouth and suck on it. I've resorted to picking his nose for him. I figure, I deal with the poo and spit, why not add boogers to the list. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, only my pinky fits into his nose. Last week something came out of his nose when he sneezed that NO ONE would believe came from a baby that was not quite 3 months of age. I resisted the urge to document the booger onto digital media (photographing it) and did save it for a short period of time to show John when he came home from work. As William's father, I knew John would be proud of the size of his son's boogers. However, after 30 minutes out of the nose, the booger had deflated (lost moisture?) and wasn't as impressive looking - so I threw it away. Some day, I know I may regret this. I will never be able to actually show William his gigantic boogers from when he was a baby. Ahh... the things we regret about our children's childhoods...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Laughing Link

William Laughing Link Click the link to listen to William laughing this weekend.

Good bye Phone Book!

I just finished the previous post while sitting on the couch. William is sitting close by in his exersaucer sort of playing. When I looked up, I just now noticed that William's feet actually touch the ground almost completely when he is sitting in his exersaucer. I guess we don't really need the phone book underneath him anymore. Not that he is doing much pushing or anything, but I think just last week he could only touch with his tip toes. Off to watch him grow a little more...

12 Weeks Old!

On Friday, William turned 12 weeks old! Hard to believe next week he will be 3 months. On Friday, we hung around the house, took a walk and watched some movies together. We also did some planting of our garden stuff on Friday. William's newest thing we've noticed is that his tongue is always hanging out of his mouth. He is either chewing on something, trying to chew on something or thinking about chewing on something (I think?). You'll notice in several pictures he isn't wearing his usual cute smile, but a cute smile with a tongue hanging out.

Our official 12 week old picture

Saturday, we got up and I went to a couple of yard sales in the morning before coming home and doing a bunch of yard work with the boys. William played in his stroller very well for most of the time. We found that he is much happier when he is sitting upright than laying down. We also squeezed a walk in and had some family play time last night I think we may have gotten a recording of William laughing last night - I'll post that later tonight or tomorrow with John's help.
William's newest trick - learning to sit up! We're a long way off, but he really REALLY likes to try.

Look! No hands!

And no hands with tongue!

We also did lots of rolling - from tummy to back is getting more frequent - he's learning how to get out of his tummy time!

Today, we got up and got ready for church. We all looked nice - William looked especially nice in the outfit he got from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Joe. We got lots of compliments from people at church about how cute he looked this morning (we couldn't agree more). After church, we went out to eat (mmmm...fajitas) and now are back home just hanging out. We'll probably go out for a walk and maybe work in the yard a little more today to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. I love this 60-70's stuff. Not too hot, not too cold. This week we have a visit from our Parents as Teachers teacher coming on Tuesday afternoon. That should be exciting to learn about the classes they offer and how William is doing developmentally. Fun stuff. The other big thing is for us to start to get ready for our next big trip home to MN to see Uncle Mike (McGarry) when he is home for a visit!

My new outfit! William's favorite thing to do with his new outfit is lick and chew on the overalls part.

Cutie Pie!

All dressed up for church - look no spit up this week (yet...)!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

3 Month Pictures

We were busy bees today! We got William's 3 month pictures taken today. It was okay. I wasn't as excited about them as I was hoping to be. William was distracted by trying to look around at everything and tired during the pictures, which didn't help. They aren't bad, they just aren't as cute as I was hoping they would be. We got zero pictures with a big smile.

We will have them online in the next week or so to share as soon as the prints are processed. After the photo session, we went shopping for a little while and then went home for lunch. After lunch, we made the trip out to West Middle School to help Builders Club/Science Club maintain the outdoor classroom. It was lots of fun to see everyone again - William enjoyed watching everyone run around outside while sitting UP in his stroller for the first time. Only downside= I think he got a little bit of sun on his face! Oops. Guess I'm going to have to break out the sunscreen for him now! After working in the classroom, we went out to eat with another teacher and came home in time for a walk! Busy day! So busy, I actually didn't take any pictures of him today! Can you believe it - this might be the first day I haven't taken any pictures!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're ready for the beach!

Tomorrow is the big picture day and the scratch on the forehead is almost gone. The bad news: we have a new scratch up the side of the cheek. Argh! What am I supposed to do? We'll be going ahead with the pictures tomorrow unless there is something drastic that happens overnight. We are loving this weather. We got out for a walk and visited with the neighbors a little. Here are some fun pictures from our beach day!

Edit: Bring on the Pictures!

Big smile from a little squirt!

Stretched out on my beach towel...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Help Please (not an emergency)

William was supposed to have his 3 month pictures taken today. However, when I went to his room to get him upthis morning, he had a big scratch running across his forehead! I am mad because I specifically cut his nails yesterday so THIS wouldn't happen. Argh! So, I called and rescheduled for Thurs (and got a better appt. time anyway). Today I realized I needed to decide between a few outfits for him to wear during the pictures anyway. We had a little try on session this morning to see what outfit was the cutest and I'm having a hard time deciding what to put him in. So, I need help please!

Outfit #1 Light Blue Stripes

William spit up big time when I put him into this outfit. Other than that - no reaction good or bad

Outfit #2 Dark Blue Stripes
William also spit up on this outfit. Welcome to my life! William really enjoyed trying to shove the corner of the collar on this outfit into his mouth. I had a hard time getting the collar on the left side to lay flat. Other than that, no reaction.

I explained to William what I was doing and why. I carefully observed him to see which outfit made him "happier". As you can see from above, I didn't get a very clear answer from him! So, if you all would leave me a comment, send me an e mail or call me on the phone before Thursday, I would appreciate it very much!

My outfit after the try on session: Note the spit up on the pants and shirt - this is from 1 spit up! You also can't see the spit up from earlier down the other side!

In other news, today was another gorgeous day! We went out for a walk and then poked around in the yard for awhile to enjoy the weather. We hope everyone got to be out and enjoy a little bit also!

hope to hear lots of opinions soon!